Our Credentials

Over $4.1 million dollars of real estate owned in Canada and the US
Over 14 years of investment property ownership and management experience
22.2% average yearly ROI on US based properties
15% average yearly ROI for Calgary based properties (despite the 4.5 years of market downturn due to oil price crash)
Currently own and manage 9 doors

Real Estate: An IDEAL Strategy

In today's busy World, we understand that not everyone has several hours every week to focus on their investments.  We want to help our investors achieve their investment goals with little to no effort on their part.  We want to make things as easy as possible for them.  Using real estate, we can help you achieve your goals much sooner than traditional stock picking.  When done properly, real estate can yield cash returns of 5-10% and total returns of 15-20%. We use the acronym IDEAL to explain the main benefits of real estate investing:


When done properly, real estate brings high cash flow.


This accounting term means you can depreciate a real estate asset each year, allowing you to decrease the amount of income tax you pay (higher tax percentage) and change it over to a deferred capital gain when you pay recapture at the sale of real estate (lower tax percentage).


Paying down the mortgage over time lets you build equity.


Over time, the resale price of a property generally goes up with inflation.  In a hot market with high demand and low supply, this can happen even faster.


By borrowing money from the bank and using OPM (other people's money) a real estate investor can get a better rate of return than if they use 100% of their own money.  Let's say you have $100,000 to invest and you are looking at investing in real estate.  You can buy 1 house using $100,000 or 5 houses with a 20% down payment of $20,000 on each of them.  Over time, you will be much further ahead when you leverage money.  There is higher risk that comes with leverage, but if you invest in solid markets as we recommend, you can anticipate safe, reliable returns.

Our Story

Our real estate journey began 14 years ago when we kept a condo we owned in downtown Calgary, and turned it into a rental property.  This brought us to purchase more buy and hold properties throughout Calgary.  While these properties had limited cash flow, they were instrumental in growing our knowledge about real estate, property management, and investing.

More recently, we have ventured into the US, where we are transitioning into purchasing more buy and hold, cash flowing properties.

We plan to acquire more real estate in the US, where cash flow is significantly higher, and there are more types of markets to choose from.

Meet the Team

Nick Sikora


Nick has a passion for real estate and is a driven entrepreneur who loves building relationships based on mutual success. In addition to advising potential partners and fellow investors on how to make your money work for you, Nick personally owns and manages over $4.1 million in investment properties throughout Canada and the US. Nick is an active member with the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN), and is excited to work with like minded people for our future real estate investments. Nick is a graduate with a PhD from University of Connecticut.

Marta Sikora


Marta is a serial entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in owning and managing real estate and investment properties. Marta has excellent interpersonal skills and takes pride in ensuring projects are dealt with efficiently and with a successful outcome. Marta personally owns and manages over $4.1 million in investment properties throughout Canada and the US. Marta is an active member with the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN)  and is looking forward to networking and partnering with other real estate investors.