Whether you have $20,000 or $2 million to invest, we will find the perfect investment for you and your situation to make sure you get the returns you deserve to get ahead.  Because we specialize in high cash flowing properties, our properties will generate a high quarterly cash distribution while you wait for the big pay day at sale.  No more scrimping by as the years go by, waiting, hoping that one day your investment will go up in value.  You get paid while you wait!

Here is how the process works:

  1. You tell us how much you would like to invest
  2. We find a property that meets the criteria
  3. We take care of everything to do with the purchase and management of the property
  4. You sit back and watch your bank account get bigger!
  5. We take care of the sale or refinance of the property
  6. You get a giant sized cheque at the end!

What We Offer As The Deal Provider

-Completely passive real estate investments tailored specifically to your investment needs

-We completely handle finding, purchasing, managing and selling of the property

-We utilize our American citizenship to find deals and obtain financing


Our Track Record

-14 years of hands-on ownership and management of investment real estate

-currently own and manage $4.1 million in real estate assets (9 properties)

-23.6% average yearly ROI on US-based properties


Why Tampa Florida?

-chance to diversify investment to US/US dollars, away from oil and gas fortunes of Calgary

-330,000 people moving there each year

-Americans are choosing to move from more expensive high tax states (eg New York and                California) to less expensive lower taxed places (eg Texas and Florida)

-millennials are looking for high quality lifestyle locations

-battleground state for presidents (think Quebec and all the extra economic benefits they get from our federal government around election time to sway the vote)

-won’t suffer if President Trump gets voted out due to less reliance on manufacturing

-central florida home prices increased 7% in 2018 and still in ‘boom’ phase for foreseeable future with all the in-migration



Great location near Busch Gardens!
tampa 4-plex front

Property details:

Location: TAMPA, FL

Property Value: $563,853.50 CAD ($423,950 USD)

Investor cash required: $140,980 CAD ($106,000 USD)

Current monthly cash flow: $1727.89 CAD ($1299.16 USD)

Current annual cash flow: $20,734.70 CAD ($15,590 USD)

Expected appreciation: 3% = $16,915.61 CAD ($12,718.50 USD)

Annual mortgage principal paydown: $5696 CAD ($4283 USD)

Total Annual return: $43,346.31 CAD ($32,591.21 USD)

Annual return on original investment: 30.7%

Annual cash on cash return: 14.7%

Exit strategy: Hold for cash flow for 5-7 years then refinance, partner buyout or sell.


We already own this one and know its a great investment!  We can show you all the financials to prove it!

Property details:

Location: Chicago, IL

Investor cash required: $31000 CAD ($23000 USD)

Stake/split: 50/50

Current monthly cash flow: $393.64 CAD (50% is $196.82)

Current annual cash flow: $4723.68 CAD (50% is $2361.84)

Expected appreciation: 4.5% (Zillow Zestimate) = $7481.25CAD

Annual mortgage principal paydown: $1596 CAD

Total Annual return: $13,800.93 CAD (50% is $6900.46)

Investor annual return on original investment: 22.2%

Investor annual cash on cash return: 7.6%

Exit strategy: Hold for cash flow for 5-7 years then refinance, partner buyout or sell.